“The United States will build two new military bases near the border with Syria in the province of Anbar, western Iraq,” council member of Anbar province Farhan al-Duleimi told Anadolu.

According to him, one of the bases will be built in Rumana sub-district of al-Qaim district, while the second base will be set up in the city of Rutbah. Both bases will be located 100 km from the Syrian border.

Duleimi said that the areas where the United States to set up military bases are located near the customs checkpoints in the Iraqi-Jordan-Syria triangle.

Nearly 5,000 American troops have remained in Iraq since Washington, leading a military coalition, began its so-called anti-terror operations in the Arab country in 2014

The Iraqi central government and US officials have not yet provided statement on military bases.

Notably, on December 19 Donald Trump signed a declaration on withdrawal of US troops and military equipment from Syria. Since the date of signing the document, US carried its military equipment to Iraq via the TIR.