Incidence of measles infection has increased significantly in Georgia, Report’s local bureau informs citing Director General of the National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health Amiran Gamkrelidze.

He said 312 cases of infection have been recorded in the country since January 1. “The infection incidence last year reached 2,000-2,200. Unfortunately, three people died from the disease. Measles disease can cause serious complications and fatalities.”

According to the director of the center, infection cases are most commonly observed in Kakheti and Imereti regions: “56 per cent of cases of infection occur among citizens aged 20-40, while 8% are observed among children aged 0-1.”

Gamkrelidze urged the population not to postpone the vaccine against measles. “There are currently enough vaccines in the country and the vaccination process is free. The vaccine is safe and does not have any adverse effects. “